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ABCD Global Gathering - September 2020: What does ABCD look like during a pandemic?

ABCD Global Gathering - September 2020: What does ABCD look like during a pandemic?

Thursday September 3 2020, 10:00 AM
@ Zoom

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This event is scheduled for 9 am on Sept. 3 CDT (Chicago) in the USA. To find the date/time for your part of the world, use this time zone converter: Time and Date

What does ABCD look like during a COVID Pandemic?

For our Global Gathering in August, we explored this question. We're offering this same question for our Sept. gathering. We encourage people who weren't able to attend the August Global Gathering to join us for this conversation.

One of the basic assumptions of asset-based community development (ABCD) is that people are connected to a place, where they have opportunities to see each other, interact, build relationships, and work together to create the community they want.

So what happens when you can't meet in person? When we are stuck at home? When our third places (places where people spend time together in the community) are closed? When people are wary of being face-to-face?

We don't have the answers, but we'll provide the space for lively conversation. Our hosts will guide you through a series of questions in small groups in order to help you think about what community engagement looks like when you can't be physically together. Bring your ideas, stories, and questions.

You can expect a casual, fun, and introvert-friendly group who just want to better connect with their fellow community members.

Co-hosts for our September Gathering:

Wendy McCaig (United States) and Deb Wisniewski (United States)

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