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Lydia Tan
04/07/11 10:53:12PM @lydia-tan:

Hi Adrian.

I'm Lydia from Singapore. And my work revolves around building of the community spirit in neighbourhoods, so my team and i work towards pushing forth the Asset-Based approach in my country where the A to B route of problem solving is still dominant. I like your concept of the 'U' path relative to various aspects, and am particularly captivated by your interpretation of Efficiency.

You've got very interesting entries on your blog. I hope we'll get to exchange more views and ideas. ;)


petr svoboda
02/03/10 05:52:33AM @petr-svoboda:
I am new in this online community. I am trying to get into Community Development industry as I have been inspired by Chris Dureau who gave use guest lecture once.
Pam Macdonald
01/06/10 11:41:37PM @pam-macdonald:
Hi AdrianThanks for the quick response. The 20th does suit actually - at this stage I'll be heading to Phillip Island for some officialling that afternoon/evening so it could be a good co-ordination.And Jan 14 has me in the CBD for 2 afternoon meetings but free the rest of the day. I'm not sure how often you get into the CBD although I think I read a comment from someone teeing something up for you guis to meet in town.And the 15th has me in Fitzroy and North Balwyn in the morning so I could probably travel more easily if you'd prefer to meet outside the CBD.Let's see what we can arrange - and please let me know more details about Feb 20, maybe by email.