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Allison Lourash
Allison Lourash
@allison-lourash • 3 months ago • comments: 0
Allison Lourash
@allison-lourash • 5 months ago • comments: 2
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"You can sign up here-"
Allison Lourash
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Did you attend the UnConference?
Please provide us info for next year in this evaluation: UnConference Evaluation
Allison Lourash
Allison Lourash
Allison Lourash
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Register for the Unconference!
Sessions have been scheduled and registration is open for the 2022 ABCD Unconference. This is a free event that last 48 hours over Zoom (you do not need to attend all...
Allison Lourash
@allison-lourash • 10 months ago • comments: 3
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"Welcome Monic! So glad you are here. "
Allison Lourash
@allison-lourash • 11 months ago • comments: 1
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"The deadline for proposals has been extended to August 1!"
Allison Lourash
@allison-lourash • last year • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on Are you a Community Development Practitioner or Community Connector/Builder working in the United States?:
"Wanted to provide an update on my dissertation and the research study that I posted here. The full dissertation and a summary are located at:..."

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Deb Wisniewski
11/18/10 08:33:14PM @deb-wisniewski:
Hi Allison -Welcome to ABCD in Action & the ABCD/Wisconsin group. It's great having you join us online. Let me know if you have any questions about participating in this community.Deb