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    Social Justice Is Not As Easy As ABCD

    By Jim Diers, 2018-03-12
    As a proud practitioner of Asset-Based Community-driven Development (ABCD), I’m convinced that every person and every neighborhood has abundant and often underutilized strengths that can be...
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    I have worked in international aid and development for a long time and about 10 years ago I started using the ABCD approach along with other such methods to engage and work with communities....
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    Our success story began from the ABCD approach

    By charles esibikhwa edward, 2018-01-03
    Kenya just grew recently from a third world country to a developing one. The country is still relying so much on Aid and handouts from the actors of development. This has indeed created a...
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    Recent Articles

    By Allison Lourash, 2017-12-04
    Hello Everyone- Below are some journal articles that have come across my desk recently that show the reach of ABCD.  If you do not have access to an academic library, send me a message if you...
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    Power to the People

    By richholmes, 2017-11-07
    This is a blog written by Nick Maisey about the community building work being undertaken in Gloucestershire, UK. You can read the original post here...
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    The ABCD Institute Faith Working Group is interested in capturing stories where faith communities or faith-based groups have mobilized their own resources and/or effectively leveraged resources to...
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