Sharing a sense of "community" in my local area and globally!

Takako Sato
4 years ago
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I just recently updated my blog, so check out this link for more info!

The Quick version: I started an Art-exchange project THROUGHOUT the Earth, so I call it "eARTh Exchange." Kids from one country send me art and I share it with Japanese kids and other kids who participate in other countries! Because language could be a barrier, I thought drawings and art could be one way for kids to express themselves without worrying about NOT communicating with words!

I was super excited cause I just got my first package from a friend in FL!!!


I am excited to see how much more Art I can collect from different areas of the world. Then I can learn myself, and teach others about different places and help them experience a sense of individuality, beauty, and oneness with humanity. I like to think this promotes a sense of peace & celebration of life, which we could all use a little more of in times like these!

I hope I can impact someone's mind and connect them to the global community through this project! I am taking art until July 15, but perhaps this project will continue into the future!! :)

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Takako Sato
2 years ago
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Soon, I'm going back to India and I'll take some art that I've collected in Japan with me. Anyone interested in making an exchange with me? Please connect with me! :) I'll be there from March 11- April 11 2015.

Andres Marquez-Lara
one month ago
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This is lovely @takako-sato ! Are you still doing this work?


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