Ownership of actions that come out of ABCD processes

Matt Colombo
Matt Colombo
3 weeks ago
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Hello, All! Matt here from Co-operate WNC: A Regional Mutual Aid Initiative. What I'm about to post was also posted on the ABCD In Action Facebook group and there is a thread there, attached below. You'll need to open the file in a picture viewer and zoom in.

I'm wondering if anyone with ABCD experience would be willing to talk with me about examples of community members (aside from those community members that are facilitating the ABCD process) taking the lead in projects that have come out of the process. Would be awesome to hear the outcome of those projects / how they are going.

It seems it can be easy for the actions that come out of ABCD to fall back on the facilitators of the ABCD process, especially if they are paid and staff of a community organization, but it seems that lasting change and the success of ABCD comes when groups of community members own the outcomes, see them through (if applicable), and then go through the cycle again.

Some folks over on Facebook seemed interested in talking about examples of this community member led action has taken place. I am in the process of arranging talking with them.

Thank you!