Asset Mapping for a School Community

Megan Frasik
Megan Frasik
one week ago
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Currently, I am creating an asset map for a school community in order to address community based assets that can be connected to a school. My goal is to create a visual that could be shared with the school with surrounding area assets as a way to connect the school to potential resources (especially thinking about the needs of the school and how those needs can be addressed by the community)

Any thoughts or ideas on tools for creating an asset map? 

6 days ago
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Hi there is a community tool box that I think u might find ideas on planning..
John Hamerlinck
John Hamerlinck
5 days ago
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Hi Megan. I like small maps. I would try to start with a tangible desired outcome. For example, a map with strategies to raise money for school supplies will look very different compared to a map around after school activities, or mentoring. Create maps focused on connecting, and mobilizing capacities to achieve specific outcomes, as opposed to creating a static inventory.