Village Assets - Public Health Campaigns - Laos PDR & My introduction

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Philip Craig
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As a brief introduction I am on a volunteer assignment in Laos PDR in the Ministry of Health in the  Public Health Campaign area. I am working with the Center for Public Health Information as a volunteer on two tasks.

The country has some formidable challenges in terms of high infant mortality rates and maternal health issues. There are a number of additional challenges with Malaria, dengue and other communicable diseases, sanitation and poverty.

Currently I am working with the Center to revise the Communication Strategic Plan for Public health Information. I am very interested in incorporating the Paris agreement allowing Lao leadership in its efforts and secondly and very importantly seeing harmonization of activities. What appeals to me with the Asset Based Community Development (I work from a strength based approach and have for much of my long career) is its transformative capacity.

 I am keen to look closely at work in villages especially in the SE Asian region if not Lao (this may have been already done) of community asset mapping to Health intervention activities/ plans. This I see as dovetailing beautifully with the Lao approach of model villages and Community based and owned interventions ..  So my questions are where do I find similar projects recorded or active? I am just starting to scan this community for related information so it may well be under my nose!  Kind Regards Phil