after the women's march, what?

keith kelley
8 months ago
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friends returned from washington and a local sister march last night....full of the excitement of the gatherings, they felt on the edge of great new beginnings and resistance to the efforts of the new administration.  as the conversation headed into the "what's next?"there was talk of pressure on legislators, etc...the talk began to stall when it branched into strategy and tactics available to the everyday to translate the energy and commitment of the march into a small village's daily life where the controversy is about potholes and snow removal.  i remember saul alinsky once remarked that some people want revelation..not revolution....hmmm.

John Hamerlinck
8 months ago
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The trap to avoid is to think that anything that isn't as big, or as inspiring as a large march is not making a difference. It is important to remember that we have hundreds of opportunities for nonviolent direct action every day. These smaller actions will all contribute to changing minds, and ultimately, to changing policy. I wrote a short piece with links to some resources on nonviolent direct action. You can view it here.


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