Seeking ABCD Learning Communities for predominately Spanish-speaking communities/countries

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I'm unsure if this is the right place for this post, my apologies if it's not.

My name is Connor Judge and I am a Manager of Cities with the Tamarack Institute

We've just welcomed a new member from Florida to our Deepening Community Membership. I am reaching out on their behalf through this post. They are looking to explore the ways that ABCD is being developed and implemented in predominantly Spanish-speaking communities and countries.

If anyone is aware of any communities of practice or learning communities that align with what my member is looking for, I would love to connect! I can be contacted here.

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Hi! I worked for ten years as an ABCD practitioner in a Spanish-speaking community in Denver, Colorado. We formed a nonprofit called Westwood Unidos. The organization built on the gifts and dreams of community members and went on to create significant neighborhood change including a new $37 million recreation center, a community-run center, the redevelopment of multiple parks and more.  I would be happy to meet with your new member and share our story. They can email me at