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ABCD in Action
ABCD in Action
2 years ago
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Do you have some ideas or comments about ABCD in Action? Do you have questions about how this online community works? Share your thoughts here and we'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.


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tilahun fekadu
tilahun fekadu
11 months ago
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i want to ask you that do you have a plan to start on line course for future? as i see it would help us a lot specially for those who have interest on ABCD. The other, gating resources is very though but if their is a possibility for the online course it will help us a lot.  

Deb Wisniewski
Deb Wisniewski
10 months ago
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Thanks for your suggestion! I know there are a couple of ABCD faculty members (including me!) who are thinking about developing an introductory online course for ABCD sometime this year. Keep an eye on our newsletter for any announcements about that. If you don't mind, I may contact you directly for your ideas about what would be most helpful to you.


Jean Smith
Jean Smith
2 weeks ago
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Looking for a curriculum or model based on ABCD to use with youth leadership....thanks