Join John McKnight in Montreal this June!

Devon Kerslake
Devon Kerslake
10 months ago
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Hi Everyone! Here is an exciting community update that I would love to share with you: John McKnight will be travelling to join us (Tamarack Institute and Centraide de Montreal) in Montreal June 6-8th. Consider registering to join in the conversation and learning! We would love to see you there!

Register here: 

Magdalena Valderrama Hurwitz
Magdalena Valderrama Hurwitz
4 weeks ago
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Hi, I tried to register for this on the link you provided, but got an error message. Did your June 6-8 event for Montreal get changed to April?  My husband and I are traveling to Montreal for another event, so we would like to know. It is not  the same event listed on the Tamarack website as Asset-Based Community Development: For Healthy Neighbourhoods   Kitchener, ON | April 17-19  Register Here

is it? 

Deb Wisniewski
Deb Wisniewski
3 weeks ago
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This may have been an old event, Magdalena. I see that Devon posted it 9 months ago, which would have been before June 6-8, 2017. 

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