Practical Resources?

ABCD in Action
11 months ago
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What are the most practical resources that you would recommend for someone who is putting ABCD into practice?

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Aspen Matthews
11 months ago
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For someone putting ABCD into practice, I would recommend checking out the extensive resource lists provided by the Episcopal Church on their ABCD website, I worked on an ABCD project in North Denver, Colorado and we created a practical manual of our work that is available on that site at

I would also recommend finding a sort of mentor with ABCD experience to be able to share ideas with or ask questions when you might be feeling stuck or unsure of what comes next.

Deb Wisniewski
11 months ago
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Thanks for sharing these, Aspen. I'm looking forward to exploring them.

Jana Carp
11 months ago
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Thanks for posting the manual link, Aspen.  Good food for thought.

Lynn Squire
11 months ago
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Excellent. Thanks!

Fasoranti Damilola
7 months ago
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Aspen, thanks for sharing that. It will be useful for my work here in Nigeria.
Hearty Cheers.

Jack Kooyman
3 months ago
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Thanks for sharing this very useful resource, Aspen. I plan to do a large amount of borrowing and adapting as we develop our own handbook for churches.


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