Practical Resources?

ABCD in Action
7 months ago
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What are the most practical resources that you would recommend for someone who is putting ABCD into practice?

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Aspen Matthews
7 months ago
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For someone putting ABCD into practice, I would recommend checking out the extensive resource lists provided by the Episcopal Church on their ABCD website, I worked on an ABCD project in North Denver, Colorado and we created a practical manual of our work that is available on that site at

I would also recommend finding a sort of mentor with ABCD experience to be able to share ideas with or ask questions when you might be feeling stuck or unsure of what comes next.

Deb Wisniewski
7 months ago
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Thanks for sharing these, Aspen. I'm looking forward to exploring them.

Jana Carp
7 months ago
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Thanks for posting the manual link, Aspen.  Good food for thought.

Lynn Squire
7 months ago
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Excellent. Thanks!

Fasoranti Damilola
3 months ago
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Aspen, thanks for sharing that. It will be useful for my work here in Nigeria.
Hearty Cheers.


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