Sustainability - any tips/resources?

Claire Chivers
Claire Chivers
5 years ago
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Hi all,

Does anyone have any useful resources or tips/advice about sustainability within ABCD?

What do you do to support community groups to continue and be self-sustaining after you have 'stepped back' from working with them?


Howard Lawrence
Howard Lawrence
5 years ago
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Hi Claire.

We leave the human scale neighbourhood and it leadership with an ABCD framework:

1. A person on every block (block connector) who is the blocks ongoing: point person, party person and listener

2 A data base by which leadership can create groups and pair residents according to their answers.

We have video and resources at: City of Edmonton Abundant Community Edmonton

5 years ago
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In Chicago, a number of things have occurred that might be of interest to you. In 2012, a major effort was made to identify local sustainability initiatives that were already occurring across the entire city. Then a city-wide "share fair" was held that brought people together to exchange experiences and insights with each. In 2013, follow-up was made with those attending the "share fair" which then led to the establishment of the "Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network" (CSLN) and it has been active ever since. We had a great gathering just last week. The guiding conceptual framework of CSLN has been (a) to reinforce "lateral" relationships between grassroots initiatives by empowering their collective voice and impact and (b) to strengthen "vertical" relationship between grassroots initiatives and municipal authorities. You can find more at If you're interested, I can share much more.