Cynthia Mitchell
Community Engagement Practitioner, Aiken, SC

State or Province:

South Carolina


United States

what are your gifts and talents?:

Observing/Listening to discern a person's gifts/passion then plugging them in. "Get in where you fit in."

why do you want to join abcd in action?:

I have been using ABCD Principles in my community work as a law enforcement liaison for about 20 years. I've received ABCD education and training via NUSA Conferences and NeighborWorks America. I believe that the best way to build communities is from the inside out.

Soup for the Asset-Based Community Soul

Soup for the Asset-Based Community Soul

Thursday May 20 2021, 5:15 PM
@ Rose Hill Estate - 221 Greenville St NW, Aiken,SC

Conversation Topic: There is Resilience in Remembering: The Power of Storytelling with Cynthia Mitchell, Dana Rideout, LPC and Karl

You can RSVP here.


ABCD in Action
04/23/21 04:01:41PM @abcd-in-action:

Hi Cynthia - This looks great! If folks are interested in other opportunities to talk about storytelling, they can check out our Global Gatherings later in May.



Deb Wisniewski

ABCD in Action, Lead Community Host