Webinar - Collective Impact Through the Lens of ABCD and RBA

Webinar - Collective Impact Through the Lens of ABCD and RBA

Thursday October 10 2019, 1:00 PM
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What change is your community striving for? Are you using a Collective Impact approach to get there? If so, it’s likely that you already know the value of bringing residents and leaders together, the importance of co-creating a common agenda, and you’re likely looking at how to enhance coordination between services. That’s admirable but it’s not enough.

Dan Duncan from Clear Impact, and a faculty member of the ABCD Institute, suggests that it’s not a matter of just doing better coordination of services, that collective impact requires a “sea change” in the way we think and develop community-led strategies that focus on real change in the lives of communities we serve. Learn how to level-up your community development efforts with Dan as he explores Collective Impact through the lens of Asset Based Community Development and Results based Accountability.

Note the time for this webinar is 1:00 pm Eastern. To determine the time in your part of the world, go here.


Dan Duncan
About Dan Duncan

ABCD Institute faculty member and President of the Board of Directors.