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"There are many resources, including slides, available on the ABCD Institute website. Feel free to check these out! Let m know if you have any other..."
Deb Wisniewski
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Deb Wisniewski
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"Good article.... These words have bothered me for a long time:  capacity building (who's capacity and who's doing the building? Capacity for what? What..."
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We're still working out the bugs here, so thanks for all your support and patience! Welcome!!!
Deb Wisniewski
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"Thanks Dave.... By the way, you have had three different accounts on ABCD in Action. I can combine them all into this one if this is the one you want to..."
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Greetings! I'm a connector... I love to help people connect to each other, to share their ideas and to get involved in in their communities. I'm also a Faculty member of the ABCD Institute and a co-founder and lead online community coordinator for ABCD in Action. Feel free to contact with your suggestions, questions, etc. about this great online community.


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