Hosting Community: An introduction to Asset Based Participatory Co-design!

Hosting Community: An introduction to Asset Based Participatory Co-design!

Tuesday July 23 2019, 9:30 AM
@ The Greek Club 29 Edmondstone St, South Brisbane QLD...

Hosting and facilitation require different skills to presenting and public speaking and a skillful facilitator draws on a variety of processes to promote discussion & reflection to encourage the exploration of a topic whilst a Host holds the energetic space for participants to explore their own challenges and issues.

Let's start with Hosting each other and bring something for a shared lunch! 


Learn how Participatory Leadership (Art of Hosting) is a powerful approach to community work that focuses on co-design, innovation and collaboration, which enhances approaches like ABCD. Explore how facilitating interactive workshops and group processes is good sense when bringing stakeholders together to create innovative solutions.

You will leave with practical tools & skills on how to:

  •   Increase confidence in hosting group processes
  •       Discover how to co-design with multiple practices and processes
  •       Explore group dynamics
  •       Discover how to get a diverse group of stakeholders around the table
  •       Move through dialogue to action
  •       Learn how to address complex challenges


Learn ways to encourage and empower local residents and citizens to sustain strengths based strategies and participatory practices through co-design, innovation & collaboration. Explore a snapshot of the following methodologies & practices:       

Asset Based Community-led Development (ABCD), including: 

  • Needs versus Assets
  • Asset Mapping; individual, community, organisational, stakeholder, system, ecology
  • Community Co-Design

Art of Hosting, including;

  • Circle Methodology
  • 4-Fold Practice
  • World Café 
  • Open Space Technology
  • Divergent, Emergent & Convergent Thinking
  • Theory U
  • Appreciative Inquiry



Dee Brooks; Agitator, Transformer and Chief Hugger of the Jeder Institute

Through her down-to-earth style, Dee brings people together in dynamic ways to realise and engage the full potential of their networks and communities. Over 20 years, her work has inspired people at hundreds of events and workshops worldwide where she offers community engagement and development training and also provides professional co-design, facilitation and keynote addresses for conferences, forums and events.

Dee is an Intentional Nomad who has travelled and worked in over 20 countries. Based on two decades of grassroots work, Dee’s background is in youth work, community-based research and community-university outreach and she is a firm believer in the power of tapping into the collective wisdom of a community to strengthen and build on what’s already there.

Dee provides Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) & Art of Hosting training & facilitation for a range of communities, organisations and government departments and is a founding co-creator of The Unconference, a Flow Game Host and a DRUMBEAT Facilitator. Dee is a founding member and Facilitator of the ABCD Asia Pacific Network, a Faculty Member of the ABCD Institute, Chicago, IL, Director of Oceania for the International Association of Community Development and a Steward of the international ABCD in Action Network.


Philip Zeon
10/14/19 04:28:33AM @philip-zeon:

Dear Dee,

Please show me how to get connected to a webinar. I missed the last one on October 10th because I did not know how to get connected. I need help.



ABCD in Action
10/15/19 04:30:30PM @abcd-in-action:

Hi Philip - which webinar were you interested in getting connected to? I can help you figure this out.... feel free to email me directly at

Deb Wisniewski

ABCD in Action community guide/organizer

Philip Zeon
10/21/19 04:54:32AM @philip-zeon:

It was the webinar conducted by Dan Duncan in Chicago on October 10th.

ABCD in Action
10/28/19 02:49:52PM @abcd-in-action:

Events on ABCD in Action are offered by different people and organizations. In order to get information about a particular event, you'll need to contact that person or post a question on their event page. So if you're interested in learning about Dan Duncan's event, you would post your question on the event that he posted. I hope that makes sense. Feel free to contact me by email if you need more info on this. My email address is

Deb Wisniewski

ABCD in Action community guide/organizer

Dee Brooks
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