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Howard Lawrence
01/27/18 11:38:58AM
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Sustainability - any tips/resources?

Tips, Tools, Strategies, and Technology

Hi Claire.

We leave the human scale neighbourhood and it leadership with an ABCD framework:

1. A person on every block (block connector) who is the blocks ongoing: point person, party person and listener

2 A data base by which leadership can create groups and pair residents according to their answers.

We have video and resources at: City of Edmonton Abundant Community Edmonton

Howard Lawrence
01/27/18 11:26:01AM
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Asset Maps

Asset Mapping & Gift Inventories

Hi all. We have developed two data bases for neighbourhoods to use.

1. Common Good: Collects and makes useable neighbours demographic and contact information and their answers to three questions: 1. Vision for the neighbourhood? 2. Pastimes or interests you would like to share with neighbours? 3. Gifts, Skills or experiences that you would share with your block or the neighbourhood? * Can you assist (Teach, Lead, or Organize) in any of these?

2. Proche: Collects and makes useable the Circles (Groups) and Triangles (Organizations) of the neighbourhood.

Both of these are intended to be used and made public through the Neighbourhoods Web-site.

The information given is not confidential but is guarded by neighbourhood leadership.