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03/26/18 02:06:32PM
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Community Engagement position open in Fort Collins, CO

Job Openings

The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment is seeking a community-minded and adaptable individual to join our team as a Health Educator.  This position is responsible for conducting community engagement with residents, neighborhoods and community-based organizations to identify both built environment projects and concerns and to seek solutions and partnerships for their implementation. This position will be part of a team that addresses the connection between the built environment, social determinants of health and health outcomes by providing technical assistance and best practices for community engagement and capacity building. 


We're seeking a bi-cultural and bi-lingual Spanish speaking individual who has previous experience establishing and building partnerships with both residents and organizations, facilitation of neighborhood and community based meetings, and experience working with addressing needs within undeserved communities.

The closing date is April 1st. Please feel free to pass along your network as you deem appropriate. Looking forward to receive your application!