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09/06/17 12:24:26PM
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Hey all - long-time asset advocate and have long been marinating in asset work into my presentations and discussions for a long time.  I now lead a Foundation and we hold regular capacity building trainings and discussions with our grantees.  Looking for a trainer to work with our grantees and a larger neighborhood network of organizations on developing a case of support for the purpose of gaining support from volunteers, local citizens, donors, funders, partners, etc.  We, of course, want this to be done from the ABCD perspective. We are looking for someone to lead and facilitate a discussion to help participants toward specific actions and the individual should be able to present some perspectives on this as well.  The time would be 3-4 hours and would be conducted in Baltimore.  We would pay for a day-rate and travel costs.  If you or someone else you might know might be interested, please do e-mail me on  This work would possibly be extended to help the Foundation as we develop an asset-focused grant application.