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Benson Adjei
04/01/15 10:10:10AM
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Anybody have ABCD resources in French or for African context?

Shared Resources and Materials

Hi Lynn,

My organization, Centre for Social Innovations based in Ghana uses ABCD to work with communities to identify opportunities for social innovation using local assets and resources. We have a toolkit developed for our community development facilitators and social innovators. This toolkit has been developed with ABCD and Human-Centered Design (HCD) concepts. I could send that to you. We are also on the lookout for partnerships that will help us to reach other countries and will be more than happy if your organization will be ready to partner with us to share experience and resources.

My e-mail address is

Best regards from Ghana.


Benson Adjei
12/16/12 07:07:50AM
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ThinkImpact Scholars And Rural Communities In Ghana Use ABCD To Develop Innovative Products And Services

Connect Locally

ABCD holds the key to sustainable development and the eradication of poverty in rural Africa.

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