Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online Course

Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online Course

Monday October 1 2018, 8:00 AM
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October 1 to Nov 26, 2018. (40 hours of Online Experiential Education over ten weeks) 

ABCD Practitioners are invited to join with other champions of diversity and inclusion from around the world in exploring the four corners of the field of Inclusive Leadership. Community Connectors who practice ABCD will appreciate the outcomes of mindfully and skillfully embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich the world. Experience online interactive learning through videos, exercises, creative learning challenges, journal writing and action planning.  Develop and practice your skills for (1) Building Bridges to equality, (2) Connecting with differences, (3) Communicating with compassion, (4) Anti-Discrimination First Aid. Share your insights and leadership within a vibrant Discussion Forum. Meet new and experienced Inclusive Leaders during our optional monthly heart to heart video conferences. When you arrive at our Action Planning Festival, you will be invited to follow your attractions toward your stage of being the changes you want to be in the world. You will leave with a participation certificate and your own meaningful and relevant personal action plan for creatively combining Inclusive Leadership skills into your ways of living, learning and leading in your diverse community. "I loved the template of Building Bridges that was shared, especially for planning and facilitating workshops. This is like gold: a structure I was looking for" (Katie Sayers, Teacher and Facilitator, BC, Canada). "I am amazed at the enthusiasm in this course. The learning activities are thrilling and so important for my work supporting undervalued young women in the rural communities of Uganda." (Joanita Babirye, Youth Leader and Director of Rainbow Smiles Foundation, Uganda).

A self-guided version of Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential is also available for inclusive community-builders who want an online course with a more flexible schedule or who want to facilitate the activities in this highly effective Inclusive Leadership education resource with your students, colleagues and community groups.  

(Begin as soon as you sign up and take up to six months to complete 30 hours of Online Experiential Education Activities)  

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative has adapted our award-winning in-person Inclusive Leadership Experiential Education into an interactive, online course enhanced by live video gatherings. We offer our online learning in the spirit of generosity, with participants paying what you can comfortably afford between $35 and $140 (Canadian currency). Full sponsorships are available to anyone who faces financial barriers. 


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