Art of Participatory Community Building Workshop – Hobart, Tasmania

Art of Participatory Community Building Workshop – Hobart, Tasmania

Monday September 2 2019, 9:00 AM
@ MONA - 655 Main Rd, Berriedale TAS 7011
Attendees:  @Michelle Dunscombe

How do we nurture self to co-create healthy communities?

The 3 day Art of Participatory Community Building training (AoPCB) offers a bespoke framework underpinned by asset based community development (ABCD) and art of participatory leadership practices, patterns and processes in a participatory co-design framework. These approaches have been used effectively in community, business, government and non-government contexts worldwide to enable the inclusion and connection of diverse perspectives for deeper outcomes.

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“Imagine a meeting of 60 people, where in an hour you would have heard everyone and at the end you would have precisely identified the 5 most important points that people are willing to act on together.” Toke Moller, Art of Hosting

THE WHAT: Participants will experience how to blend Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) with other practices and processes and practically apply a range of tools & skills to:

• Focus on assets and strengths rather than deficiencies
• Discover ways to blend methodologies
• Apply strengths-based monitoring and evaluation
• Build effective partnership strategies
• Increase confidence in hosting group work
• Form powerful enquiries and proposals
• Explore group dynamics and decision-making

THE WHY: Many of the challenges faced by individuals and communities require transformational change, which can only be achieved by focusing on the gifts and strengths within. Methodologies, which respond to this way of working, may include:

• Citizen & Community-led Initiatives
• Asset-based or Place-based projects
• Collective Impact & Action work
• Collaboration & Community Conversations
• Participatory Citizen’s Juries & Budgeting, & more

THE HOW: Participants will learn ways to weave, embed and sustain ABCD and other strengths-based and participatory practices through co-design and collaboration processes. We will show you how to move from dialogue to action and how to discover ways to address complex challenges via innovative
solutions, including the application of:

• Asset-Based Community-led Development (ABCD)
• Art of Hosting & Harvesting (AoH)
• Circle Methodology
• World Café
• Open Space Technology
• Appreciative Inquiry & SOAR
• Graphic Facilitation & Harvesting
• DEC Thinking & Breath Patterns
• Presencing & Theory U

• Results Based Accountability (RBA)
• Next Stage Organising & Living Systems


Michelle Dunscombe