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We are a group of individuals who  facilitate the community in realizing its own potential to initiate sustainable change using the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Model in Kenya though this approach,we have engaged the community in community conversation and this has really brought some enlightenment  to the community that they can look deep into the strengths and capacities they have to come up with solutions to the issue they are facing.

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user image 2017-04-07
By: Hulula
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"Ngao" is a Swahili word which means shield and "yetu" is a swahili word which means "ours".With this description then our heading means "ABCD is our shield".This is a term used by women in our areas.And why do they use this term,its because,if i wasnt for ABCD facilitators in the area then the women wouldnt have realized their gifts and talents and how far they could forge the destiny of their lives.

Before the women being told on how they could find solutions from within themselves,they used to depend much on their husbands who would fail them in many ways.But here they are now,full of life and true to themselves in terms forging their future and the future of their families.

All this has been the work of Ngao society.This is an organization that  facilitate an asset based community Driven development model, a conscious effort to focus strengths, abilities, opportunities, talents and gifts as a foundation of individual development. With the understanding that no one is poor to the point of not giving out something. Everyone has something to give within the community.This is a group of men and women from Kangemi informal settlements are giving out something (their skills and talents ) to transform their lives and others through the products they are making.

The group now  believes in the community as an asset,since if they have  realized  their potential, abilities and skills  to improve their livelihood then anyone else can do that.The proceeds of their work go to paying rent, food and education of their children. The group is not only a source of joy and hope to each other but a pillar of individual encouragement and change development.Now the task still remains on our part as the facilitators of ABCD model to help the group enhance their talent and skills by facilitating the growth of their bead making business.