Organizing Neighborhoods for Emergency Response

Organizing Neighborhoods for Emergency Response

Monday August 19 2019, 8:30 AM
@ New Orleans, LA
Attendees:  @Ron Dwyer-Voss

Based on the article: When Disaster Hits, Your First Responder will Probably be Your Neighbor,this two-day course will provide information in two parts. First, volunteer management training topics will focus on designing and developing an emergency management program plan to address organization and management of volunteers in emergency response, engaging the community, volunteer operations, logistics, communication and records administration. The course includes a model management structure led by Block Captains and compatible with the Incident Command System used by emergency responders. Second, this course will teach participants fundamentaABCDD based community organizing and leadership strategies and skills to create strong, localized social networks that can increase the response and recovery resiliency of a community when hit by a natural or ‘human-made’ disaster. Come and learn how your organization can be better prepared by managing volunteers for emergency response.



Ron Dwyer-Voss
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