Sam Howey Nunn

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technology, playful design, designing for collaboration

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We are building with our Social Enterprise partners the Onion Collective here in teh UK - all about helping communities map their assets as a starting point to community development.

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Dee Brooks
04/25/22 07:13:00PM @dee-brooks:

Hi Sam,

Welcome to ABCD in Action!

Awesome to have you with us here! I'm based in Australia but have been visiting the UK regularly for years (before the pandemic) and hanging out with awesome ABCD folk from all over the place!

Unfortunately, I can't have a look at understory as it give me an error warning - do you have a direct link you can share?

Asset mapping is a particular passion of our organisation - maybe we can have a catch up sometime?

Looking forward to getting to know you better!



ABCD in Action Steward