ABCD Global Gathering - October 2020 #1: How does ABCD serve as a tool for working toward social and racial justice?

ABCD Global Gathering - October 2020 #1: How does ABCD serve as a tool for working toward social and racial justice?

Thursday October 1 2020, 3:00 PM
@ Zoom

How does Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) serve as a tool for working toward social and racial justice?

In October, we'll be holding two Global Gatherings that focus on this key question. Please register for only one Gathering, so that we can be sure to have space for all that wish to participate.

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For our Global Gatherings in August and September we explored what ABCD looks like during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the wake of mask mandates and stay-at-home orders, another pandemic continued to unfold.

On May 25th, yet another unarmed black man was murdered by a white on-duty police officer, this time in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Thousands of people have taken to the streets across the world, every day, and in the midst of a global pandemic to protest not only the unjust killing of George Floyd, but of Dreasjon Reed in Indianapolis, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, and more since.

Further, people have been organizing mutual aid, community care, and political education initiatives to support these direct actions. Movements for racial justice are not new. The most recent Black Lives Matter uprisings in and beyond the U.S. exist in a long history and fight for racial equality.

At its best, ABCD is an inherently just approach to building relationships and engaging community toward shared goals. Where do the larger goals of ABCD and social justice converge? How can ABCD uplift and amplify racial justice work? What does it mean to share and build power at a community level through the lens of racial justice? How does ABCD serve as a tool to build just communities, a just world? We’ll share space to explore these questions and more in small groups. Bring your hearts, your ideas, your stories, and your burning questions!

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Deb Marois
09/24/20 04:09:19PM @deb-marois:

Aloha Deb, I tried to register for the ABCD Global Gathering on 10/21 but the Eventbrite registration says I do not have permission for this event. Please advise. Thanks!

ABCD in Action
09/29/20 03:49:26PM @abcd-in-action:

It's all fixed! Thank you for letting me know. If anyone else has problems registering, feel free to contact me at

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