ABCD Global Gathering: Rural Communities #2

ABCD Global Gathering: Rural Communities #2

Tuesday May 4 2021, 9:00 AM
@ Online (Zoom)

How Can ABCD Unlock the Many Assets of Rural Communities?

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We will be hosting two Global Gatherings focus on the same question. Please register for only one of these events.

Rural communities are often defined in terms of what they DON'T have, their deficits, such as the lack of affordable housing, limited public transportation, poor internet services, etc. However, many people who live in rural communities know that they are actually rich in assets, from the natural environment to the many gifts of people who live in these communities, and much more.

The question we will be exploring during this Global Gathering is how might we use an assets-based approach to think about rural communities in order to unlock and build on those assets. We'll all be sharing stories of communities that we have experience with that have done just that (whether they call it ABCD or not) and we'll explore what makes these efforts successful.

What is a Global Gathering?

Gobal Gatherings are NOT webinars or presentations. They are opportunities for members of ABCD in Action to engage in meaningful conversations. We don't have the answers to the questions we propose, but we'll provide a space for you to share your stories, ideas, and questions. Our hosts will guide you through a series of questions in small groups in order to help you think together about the questions we propose.

At the end of our scheduled time together, you can stick around for the "after-party", a chance to just hang out for 30 minutes and talk about whatever is important to you.

Co-hosts for this Global Gathering:

Wendy McCaig, United States

Wendy McCaig is the founder and Executive Director of Embrace Richmond. As a trainer, coach, and consultant, she works with organizations as they learn how to strengthen adn empower communities from the inside out. This past year, Wendy and her family moved to a small rural community in Virginia. 

Deb Wisniewski, United States

Deb lives in a small island community in Wisconsin, originally the land of the Potawatomi Nation. She is a connector at heart and loves thinking about how rural communities are naturally asset-based. Deb is a trainer and facilitator, as well as a co-founder of and lead community host for ABCD in Action.

How to Prepare

We’re going to be using Zoom, so read about it or download it here if you haven't used Zoom already. At a minimum, you'll want a webcam or video-enabled mobile device, a microphone, headphones, and a quiet space to chat with us.

How to Join

This event will be held on Zoom. We'll send you an email the day before the Global Gathering with the information you need to join the call, so please be sure to watch for that. Just click that link when you want to join and you'll be speaking to us in no time! If you haven't received the email with the information you need by the day before the gathering, please let Deb know at

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Angie K
04/14/21 01:15:03PM @angie-k:

How long is this event?  60 minutes plus the extra 30?  I tried to register, but the registration page is not working.

ABCD in Action
04/16/21 10:51:56AM @abcd-in-action:

Hi Angie - 

Gatherings are usually about 1 hour and 15 minutes long, followed by the optional 1/2 hour for anyone who wants to stay for the "after party". During the after party, people can talk about whatever they are interested in talking about. 

I'm not sure why the link wouldn't work for you. I know other people have signed up using it and I just tested it. You can try using copying and pasting the link to your browser or try using a different browser. If you want to problem solve more with me, feel free to email me at

The link to copy and paste is


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