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Global Gathering: Asset Mapping #2

Global Gathering: Asset Mapping #2

Wednesday June 29 2022, 7:00 PM CDT
@ Zoom

Asset Mapping: How do we ensure we move beyond lists and shift ideas into action?

Asset Mapping is an effective way to map the skills, talents, abilities, and passions of individuals, and to discover the strengths, networks, and resources of communities and organisations in the systems we work and live within. This conversation will explore the Key Steps to Asset Mapping, how we can identify them at various levels and stages of purpose and intention and how connecting assets and strengths leads to productive and powerful work!

Register here. There is no cost to register.

What Is A Global Gathering?

Global Gatherings are NOT webinars or presentations. They are opportunities for members and guests of ABCD in Action to engage in meaningful conversations. We don't have the answers to the questions we propose, but we'll provide a space for you to share your stories, ideas, and questions. Our hosts will guide you through a series of questions in small groups in order to help you think together about the questions we propose.

At the end of our scheduled time together, you are invited to stick around for the "lounge", a chance to just hang out for 15 minutes and talk about whatever is important to you.

Co-Hosts For This Global Gathering:

  • Dee Brooks, Australia
  • Deb Wisniewski, United States

Register here. There is no cost to register. We will be hosting two Global Gatherings that focus on the same question. Please register for only one of these. Please use this Time and Date Converter to double-check the date and time in your part of the world.

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