You Can Do This Hard Thing

category: Film & Animation
Duration: 00:04:27
You Can Do This Hard Thing - By Carrie Newcomer
From "The Beautiful Not Yet" on Available Light Records

This is another song written for a spoken word and song collaboration with Parker J. Palmer and Gary A. Walters "What We Need is Here: Hope, Hard Times and The Human Possibility." Feel free to share this with someone who has helped you in hard times - or perhaps you'd like to encourage today. For more information about "The Beautiful Not Yet visit

Barbara Kingsolver has written about a phrase she uses to encourage her children, “You can do hard things.” I loved this idea behind this phrase. It absolutely acknowledges the difficulty of the task at hand, and yet, at the same time it completely affirms that the child has everything they need to move forward, and that they have support. I began to think about all the times in my own life that someone has given me that kind of sound advice and encouragement.


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