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About ABCD Kenya

We are a group of individuals who  facilitate the community in realizing its own potential to initiate sustainable change using the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Model in Kenya though this approach,we have engaged the community in community conversation and this has really brought some enlightenment  to the community that they can look deep into the strengths and capacities they have to come up with solutions to the issue they are facing.This conversation have really given birth to a number of programs that are driving forces in solving this issues.i.e mentorship program for youth in school and out of school,bead work for women and ABCD training that have really helped us expand the knowledge of ASSET BASED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT and practice it.The number of those who have started believing in this methodology is increasing in Kenya.And we continue getting the community engaged and changing and adopting what works in the community from what doesn't work.

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what are your gifts and talents?:

Coordination, administration, Training,

why do you want to join abcd in action?:

If we can link and network given what we are already doing?