Alan Pakaln
Retired clinical engineer (oversaw maintenance of medical equipment in hospitals in NYC). Interests in risk management, community and environmental sustainability.

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user image 2022-08-19
By: Alan Pakaln
Posted in: News and Announcements

Two projects I have been working on, evolving over the past several years. One Big Problem addresses global warming - it came about just out of my personal recent awakening.

Community Networking - is actually a two part program, one of which I call Library Nonprofit Network (LNN) - a few years ago, I contacted McKnight, I thought he might be interested in it - he was, and got me in touch with an activist friend of his (long story). What was interesting is the ABCD graphic showing community groups and how they can relate to libraries and/or churches matched almost exactly with the LNN format. I took the idea a bit further, which you can see in an early site still functioning:

I am currently working on finishing a book detailing the project outlined in the Community Networking site: