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By: Allison Lourash
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Posting this from a Facebook conversation where some students were seeking articles- specifically for assignments and such. Here is a working document that is from the Literature Review of my dissertation as well as other articles of note.

Graeme Stuart also maintains a great website with articles as well-


David C. Cohen
06/27/20 05:52:48AM @david-c-cohen:
There is an internationally used model called "Participatory Learning & Action" or PLA. This was principally development by Robert Chambers. It is very similar in approach and philosophy to ABCD, though appears to have developed independently, and may not be as comprehensive. Another term used in Chambers' work is Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA).
Allison Lourash
07/02/20 04:39:49AM @allison-lourash:

Thanks David for sharing that.

Allison Lourash
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Wausau, WI/ Illinois Native. I am a doctoral student working on a qualitative study on ABCD, social capital, and people with disabilities.  Additionally, I am a self-advocate, project manager for a non-profit, and active volunteer.

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