Anthony Smith

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United States

what are your gifts and talents?:

Communicator and Convening

why do you want to join abcd in action?:

To cultivate the skills to convene my community around ABCD

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Michelle Dunscombe
03/14/23 01:48:19AM @michelle-dunscombe:

Hi Anthony,

Welcome to the ABCD in Action community. It's wonderful to have you with us.

Take some time to explore the site - there is a treasure trove of blogs to read, conversations in the forum, and lots of videos.  Check out upcoming events and training opportunities that you might be interested in. Be sure to check the monthly ABCD in Action Global Gatherings (see the Events tab). In addition, to all the great information here, there are also some great resources available on the ABCD Institute website. You can also follow the ABCD in Action on Facebook

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We'd also love to hear your ideas, questions, and more.

Yours in Community,


On behalf of the ABCD Welcome Team