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    Pondering on Leadership and Management

    By Alan Blackshaw, 2020-04-01
    Introduction Over the last two or three years I’ve spent time considering leadership and management models/styles that are compatible with leading teams of Community Development workers....
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    At the start of any asset-based initiatives, the identification of local assets is the essential starting point. Nonetheless, in many neighborhoods, most of these local assets are not...
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    By Anthony Giambroni, 2020-03-18
    Hey friends, I am not sure how I missed this element of the ABCD Institute & community, but I am glad to be here now! I started my work in faith communities from 2013-2018 and towards...
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    In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, public health officials are warning us to practice social distancing. That seems like good advice given the contagious nature of the disease, but it is...
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    Institutional Precipitation

    By John L. McKnight, 2020-03-03
    It’s my understanding that in chemistry, a precipitant is a reagent that produces a reaction of which it is not a part. It is analogous to one form of institutional action in relationship to a...
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    In 2018 the International Association of Community Development (IACD) released International Standards for Community Development Practice. The release of the standards was the result of...
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