Multilingual software for fundraising/crowdfunding, online events, etc.

Whitney Leeds
Whitney Leeds
2 weeks ago
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Hi ABCD people, Whitney Leeds here (she/her), writing from Westminster, Colorado. My ABCD work involves people with different language access needs, and our fundraising and communications departments continuously struggle to find software that allows for messaging and navigation that are fully bilingual or multilingual. For example, when you register for a zoom event, certain unchangeable aspects of the page will only appear in English, and even though the event rooms allow for interpretation, that option disappears in breakout rooms. We also have yet to locate any online fundraising platforms that allow for bi- or multilingual audiences--or sometimes worse, they say they have the option, but it's just a word for word translation that ends up utterly incomprehensible. 

Does anyone have experience using online event and/or fundraising platforms that don't exclude people based on language?

Thanks in advance,