Dan Duncan
ABCD Institute faculty member and past president of the Board of Directors. 

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Webinar - Collective Impact Through the Lens of ABCD and RBA

Webinar - Collective Impact Through the Lens of ABCD and RBA

Thursday October 10 2019, 2:00 PM
@ http://events.tamarackcommunity.ca/collective-impact-thro...

What change is your community striving for? Are you using a Collective Impact approach to get there? If so, it’s likely that you already know the value of bringing residents and leaders together, the importance of co-creating a common agenda, and you’re likely looking at how to enhance coordination between services. That’s admirable but it’s not enough.

Dan Duncan from Clear Impact, and a faculty member of the ABCD Institute, suggests that it’s not a matter of just doing better coordination of services, that collective impact requires a “sea change” in the way we think and develop community-led strategies that focus on real change in the lives of communities we serve. Learn how to level-up your community development efforts with Dan as he explores Collective Impact through the lens of Asset Based Community Development and Results based Accountability.

Note the time for this webinar is 1:00 pm Eastern. To determine the time in your part of the world, go here.


Philip Zeon
10/04/19 12:09:55AM @philip-zeon:

Hello Dan,

I'm eagerly waiting to hear the content of your presentation on October 10, 2019.

I'm very much interested in helping my home community that is completely cut off every year because of heavy rain and bad roads in Liberia. How can the community work together to rehabilitate its only major road without waiting for the national government? The entire community is like an open-air prison, no one getting in or out from August to January.

Currently I'm floating the idea among us, citizens of that community, but who are now residing in the USA, to see who will share my thought. I'll appreciate every piece of knowledge or advice that I can get on this vital issue. I can directly be reached at 763-398-9921 or zeonx005@umn.edu.

Thanks a lot,


Fasoranti Damilola
09/03/19 05:04:07AM @fasoranti-damilola:
Can you please, share the link to register again? Thank you.