Daniela Panetta

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United States

what are your gifts and talents?:

Empathic person, very observant, detailed, and have an eye for conceptually planning engaged processes.

why do you want to join abcd in action?:

To have a network of individuals that know about ABCD concepts and about the value in community engagement. I have been feeling isolated as not many people in my area do this work, so a group like this has provided hope.

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Dee Brooks
11/09/21 06:52:28PM @dee-brooks:

Hi Daniela,

What a fabulous introduction - it gives me a great picture of who you are and your passions!

I'm based in Australia although, I do a lot of international work with ABCD (even now online) and I also love engaged planning and have a particular passion for patterns and where they show up - including what nature has to teach us about patterns!

I'm so glad you found us and hopefully we can help you feel less isolated - there's thousands of us all over the world!

You might want to watch some of the recent ABCD Unconference sessions to give you an overview of who's who: http://www.abcd-ebook.site/unconference2021/

There will be more recordings coming soon!

So, welcome! I look forward to hearing more from you!

Yours in Community

Dee, ABCD Steward