Dave Cooper

Asset Based Community Developer, organizational development specialist, nonprofit CEO, coach, consultant, workshop leader.

Working with neighbors, organizations, congregations and communities to discover, organize and strategically apply community resources to achieve well-being: re-imagining and co-creating common good in every neighborhood.

My key strengths and areas of extensive research, practice and advocacy are in formation of collaborative teams, co-creating affordable housing, improving food security, transforming the criminal justice system; ending poverty. My roles in this work range from executive director to community organizer, from project manager to chaplain, and from social entrepreneur to neighborhood resident and international consultant.

I apply learning and experience from twenty-five years of construction management; and hold master's degrees in community practice social work, pastoral theology and nonprofit management.

In a rapidly changing world that customarily functions from the perspective of scarcity, I focus on our collective abundance to:

* Build equitable community relationships
* Catalyze creative discovery of previously unrecognized resources
* Connect people, organizations, institutions, and associations
* Facilitate opportunities for mutual learning (shared wisdom)
* Develop teams that produce and deliver effective community-transforming projects
* Advocate for social, economic, physical, political, and spiritual justice
* Coach local leaders and teams to produce measurable, transformative outcomes

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