Deb Wisniewski
Greetings! I'm a connector... I love to help people connect to each other, to share their ideas and to get involved in in their communities. I'm also a Faculty member of the ABCD Institute and a co-founder of ABCD in Action.

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Connecting people, ideas, communities

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Tools & Technology

There has been increased interest in the variety of tools that are being used for for ABCD-related activities, such as asset-mapping. While some of these are may be technology-based, others are good old-fashioned...


What happens when you get a group of ABCD folks together, even for an hour? You begin to hear stories - stories of gifts being celebrated, stories of talents being shared, stories of mutual delight (as my new friend,...

Sharing Ideas

There are many ways for us to connect and share with each other inthis community. Consider some of the following ways...Forum - This is agreat place to start a discussion on whatever thoughts, questionsand ideas are...

Resources & Links

Resources include...* A Cybrary where you can upload ABCD articles, powerpoints, etc., and* Links to websites that have resources, information, stories, etc. that relate to ABCD Feel free to add to these pages

Other ABCD Websites

ABCD Institute - the Home of ABCD, at Northwestern University in Evanston IL, USAThe Abundant Community - Connected to the book by the same name, by John McKnight and Peter Block.  Other online ABCD Communities (and...

Links to ABCD Stories, Resources, etc.

Tell us about links to great stories, resources, etc. on this page. Here are a few to get us started. ABCD Institute Publications: Be sure to check out all the downloadable publications, articles and the Tool Kit...

Language Preference

One of the challenges of our move is that we are not sure how many different languages are used by the members of this community. Please answer the two questions below about what language you use specifically for...

Events - more info

On this page, ABCD in Action members may post flyers or moredetailed information about learning opportunities and other events.Please include dates and titles for each event.

Connect & Share

There are many ways for us to connect and share with each other in this community. Consider some of the following ways...Conversations - If you want to have a conversation, feel free to start or reply to one.  This...

Asset-Mapping Tools/Technology

We frequently get questions about what types of software, programs, websites, etc. do we use for asset-mapping. This question has become so frequent that I'd like to add this page for all of us to post our ideas....

Adding a Profile Photo

Add a Photo to Your Profile Tired of looking like a blue blob head?  Adding a photo to your profile adds personality to your page and helps other members get to know you better.  You can learn how to do this by...
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