Asset Mapping Worldrecord in The Netherlands

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By: Eric Hendriks
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Asset Mapping Worldrecord in The Netherlands

SCHIEDAM - A new Worldrecord Asset Mapping has been set in The Netherlands. Almost 100 people registered 672 talents, skills and things they want to share with their community in just 15 minutes.

Check the video by Philip Booth:

The record attempt 'Community Asset Mapping' was part of the ABCD Popeldag. This is an annual festival where communitybuilders from all over the Netherlands meet and exchange experiences in a unique local place. This year the ABCD Popeldag took place in the local work place De Buren in Schiedam.

Asset Mapping An "asset" is something that someone can, know or possess and want to actively share with his or her community. Discussing and collecting these assets ('Asset Mapping') serves to make the power of the community visible and to strengthen mutual relationships: together you can do much more than on your own!


The world record attempt was officially registered with Guinness Book of Records and under the leadership of 'Asset Mapper' Eric Hendriks. People who did not know each other yet, asked eachother the question 'what can you do well, what do you know a lot about or what do you own that you want to share with this community? " Each asset was written on a Post-it. After 15 minutes the time stopped and the count started.

Huge harvest: 672 assets! 
This resulted in a huge harvest of talents and skills, eg "making a TV program", "Putting young people in motion", "organizing a neighborhood party", but also "cooking", "chairman" and "guiding people in the final phase of life". After several checks, the counter stood at 672 assets, a new world record!


The visibility of what people can offer each other leads to new contacts, relationships and a stronger community.


Next step: online Asset Mapping
The next step is to share these assets online.  Have a look at by Munity Services from The Netherlands), so that you can see who has what to offer. 


ABCD in Action
06/19/18 10:38:29AM @abcd-in-action:

This looks amazing, Eric! And I love the video as well.


Eric Hendriks
06/19/18 10:52:38AM @eric-hendriks:

Thanks Deb!

Joel Zaslofsky
07/26/18 08:48:10PM @joel-zaslofsky:

Wow, Eric. I was able to facilitate three Offers and Needs Markets at an event last month that yielded 500 offers and needs within the World Domination Summit community. I was proud of that ... even if it took about three hours and 65 people. :)

Your achievement and the connections you've made for people in your community through it sure is something else! Maybe I'll try to break your record at World Domination Summit 2019 ...

Eric Hendriks
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Founder of Munity Services, a social enterprise with the mission to create connected neighborhoods in The Netherlands. Developed a unique method in which teams of citizens and serviceworkers are trained as Community connectors that unlock all community assets through an online platform for their neighborhood. Now implemented in 40 dutch municipalities with 350 community connectors in 35 teams connecting 370.000 citizens.

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