Graeme Stuart
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Graeme Stuart
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Graeme Stuart
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Graeme Stuart
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I am passionate about inclusive, interactive ways of working with communities, families and individuals that build on their strengths and passions. As a teaching and research academic in the Discipline of Family Studies at the Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle, my teaching, practice and research focuses on strengths-based approaches to working with families and communities, including ABCD. I have over 30 years’ experience working with families and communities, in both paid and voluntary capacities including working with homeless youth, supporting families living in caravan parks and facilitating fathering workshops for Aboriginal prisoners. In my current role I have supported a range of family and community services to reflect on their practice. Outside of paid work I write a blog on working with families and communities (https://sustainingcommunity.wordpress.com/), remain directly involved in practice through the Alternatives to Violence Project (facilitating workshops on conflict resolution and nonviolent relationships) and Transition Newcastle (a local environment group), am the proud father of two wonderful daughters and volunteer at their local high school.

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I'm passionate about strengths-based approaches to working with families and communities, and committed to inclusive, interactive processes

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How we combine ABCD with a critical approach? How can we demonstrate the impact of ABCD? How can ABCD be taught to university students?