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I am a people person, I love to bake and volunteers for anything

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To be connected to others who are doing ABCD work

Reconnect! Making Community Essential

Reconnect!  Making Community Essential

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Wednesday October 6 2021, 12:00 PM EDT
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Join us October 6 and 7 for a live online national conversation from Kitchener Ontario as Tamarack’s Learning Community convenes to discuss how we are going to rebuild social connection after the COVID pandemic.

The Pandemic response in Canada was swift and given the severity of the situation unprecedented. Though on a technical level we were able to isolate to reduce the spread of the virus, we failed to effectively address the social condition of people. Some would say we were unprepared. People that were lonely became lonelier. Communities that were disconnected became more disconnected.

Join us for the Conversation.

We will learn together from communities across North America that have innovative responses to COVID recovery and have implemented effective social responses. We will learn about the unprecedented spontaneous uprising of everyday people taking action to support their neighbours.