Janine Ward
Passionate about coming alongside others to find their strengths and gifts!

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South Africa

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I love sharing knowledge and experience with people from various backgrounds and countries

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Collaborating and connecting with like-minded people

Meeting up with John Ziegler in Joburg

user image 2019-09-30
By: Janine Ward
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Meeting up with John Ziegler in Joburg

It was great to meet John Ziegler with fellow ABCD practitioners at University of Johannesburg on 30th July. The synergy and connection across the oceans was palpable - so exciting to share experiences!

Hope to welcome you back again, John!


John W Zeigler Jr
12/17/19 03:59:08PM @john-w-zeigler:

Hi Janine, sorry for the long delay but thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to coming back to JoBerg In August of 2020.