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About Juliet

I am a student of community development,this is my fourth year in the University,am just yet to graduate.Community development has given me such a wonderful knowledge to understand the  community in a bigger perspective but now my area of specialization is children.I have had the passion to work with children since i was young.It is very clear that a child’s environment determines the majority of the time, how their outcome will be and i want to venture into this area to make the life of children much better than it is especially in my country Kenya.Just recently at the beginning  of this year i came across the idea of ABCD under ABCD KENYA group.I loved the idea and i would like to know how i can enhance the assets in terms of working with children to see them have a better life.

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I have a great passion in working with children

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I would like to know how i can apply ABCD in working with kids