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Writing, Community Gardening, Learning, Teaching

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My new role at YMEN Chicago is to identify and develop community assets

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ABCD in Action
01/14/22 05:51:41PM @abcd-in-action:

Hi Kimberly - 

Welcome to ABCD in Action. I'm interested in what YMEN is.... And you're in the right place if you're identifying assets and building on them. Is ABCD what you've used in that role? Or is ABCD something new for you?

There are a lot of resources here, some great conversations, blogs, videos, and more. Feel free to explore the site and to post. 

Please let us know what questions you have or what topics you'd like to explore. 

We're glad you're here!



Deb Wisniewski

On behalf of the ABCD in Action Welcome Team