Nikhat Moulvi

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New Zealand

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Community Research and Fundraising

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I'm interested in exploring the potential of ABCD for my own and other faith communities in New Zealand.

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Dee Brooks
11/22/21 07:02:43PM @dee-brooks:

Hi Nikhat,

I believe you replied to me but it went to the email of the site host!

I'm happy to link you up with a couple of key Auckland people though - send me an email to and I'll connect you! 



Dee Brooks
11/17/21 03:30:09AM @dee-brooks:

Hi Nikhat,

Great to see a neighbour here! I'm based near Melbourne, Australia!

I was involved in quite a few community research projects when I used to work at the University of Newcastle! Would be happy to share notes!

Are you connected with other ABCD practitioners in Auckland? There's plenty of them!

Yours in Community,

Dee, ABCD in Action Steward