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Michelle Dunscombe
01/23/16 11:53:17PM @michelle-dunscombe:


Great to have you join us, as Dee mentioned I am in Singapore in March and I'd be happy to catch up with you or indeed facilitate a training session with your team. We have a great range of resources that we can share with you to support your work.

Look forward to hearing from you.



user image
01/22/16 08:39:45PM @dee-brooks:

Hi there,
So glad to have you join us here! Your website looks very interesting and it looks like you are doing some amazing community work!
There are a few members from Singapore on the network here and one of the moderators, Michelle, will be in Singapore next month - let us know if you would like to connect!
There are a range of options to learn more about facilitating conversations and supporting your documentation efforts - feel free to post a question or query on the Forum or connect with other members throughout the network!