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ABCD Institute hiring Network Connector

user image 2024-05-01
By: Allison Lourash
Posted in: News and Announcements
ABCD Institute hiring Network Connector

The Asset-Based Community Development Institute is hiring a Network Connector. This is a new position to help connect members of our new network/website (more on that soon).  Here is the link to the job posting:


Allison Lourash
05/22/24 07:51:02AM @allison-lourash:

Update: we have begun reviewing applications for this position. Consideration for further candidates will be made after this initial screening and interviews.

Allison Lourash
05/02/24 07:31:05PM @allison-lourash:

Due to the nature of this position being focused on implementing our new network that is on a US based software platform and coordination with others, this will need to be a US based position. Other positions that the Institute may have available at other times may not require a US based connector.